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Funny Cats Hiding In a Plastic Bag

July 2, 2009

I must hide from the evil dog from the next door house!
Funny cats is hiding to avoid the dog. We must save the funny cats!


Natural fur! Funny Cats Fur For Dress Accessories?

June 23, 2009

Everyone want look beautifully. Usually they decorate themselves with beautiful various accessories. As this is done by this mother, she uses a funny cat as a dress accessories. seriously! funny cat can be a beautiful decoration. What a funny cats!


Cat’s Fang After a Big Fight!

June 1, 2009

This is the order of the teeth of a cat who has just fight with its enemy to get the victim that arrested. Just look at its mouth … its fang broken because of the tremendous fight!


Little Cute Kitten in Action!

May 23, 2009

See the cat above. Cute and very funny. This cat may be 1 month age. Fuzz is its body has not disappeared and the original fur is also not yet grow perfectly. Indeed, one of the favorite is a cat to lick the feet to clean dirt attached.


Cat From Above

May 2, 2009

I just found a picture that is very unique. Yes, this picture. New this time I get a picture of a cat taken from the top. This photos inspiring me to make photos like this also. Hmm .. in fact, a cat who looks up from above are funny and unique. So I imagine this cat face. Whether he is hunting or eating? Can you tell me?


Sleeping Kitten In Action?

April 22, 2009

Cats who are sleeping give the impression that is always beautiful. But I was surprised when I saw the picture above. You know? Ya see this cat’s tongue. Do you think that this cat really sleep? Of course not! Because the cat is pretense to sleep. Perhaps because it was so hunger until this cat’s tongue out. Ha .. ha ..


Don’t Do This to Me!

April 12, 2009
hey, what do you do? I am not being sick bro!


Zombie Kitten? I Don’t Think So!

April 4, 2009

If you asked: What is your pet, a cat or dog? Yes, we answer the same, cat! Although many rumor say that cats are animals of various kinds of diseases, but the fact is, dogs to be more of it! And if we can treat our cat well, then all diseases will disappear from our cat.


Pictures of Cats with Green Background!

March 24, 2009

This image is a close-up house cat. I really like a picture taken with good technique, natural and professional look! Included in this picture. With a background of green grass, this cat looks fresh and natural! I so want to learn about photography. According to you, what should I do to learn photography techniques? have an idea?


Funny Kitten Sleeping in the House

March 9, 2009

You do not have a cat will not know how funny when we see the cat that was sleeping. Wow .. an exciting experience! They have a unique style when sleeping. And when something is making them wake up, they will soon wake up and be ready for them. Truly an amazing experience!